Dennis Dillon

Real Estate Broker

The Magical Dennis Dillon (Dr. D-Squared to his friends)

“Dr. D to the Square” has sold millions of dollars of real estate by skillfully representing buyers, sellers and investors for well over 3 decades and through a plethora of challenging market cycles over that period.
“Today’s swiftly changing markets require today’s agents to adapt even faster to remain well ahead of the pace, separating our clients from the rest of pack.” Fusing industry leading, cutting edge technology, as well as plain old-fashioned human interaction; Big-D2 has not only facilitated faster transactions for his clients at more beneficial terms than his peers, but he has also mentored literally hundreds of new and experienced agents alike over his career so that their clients may benefit as well!

“Exceptional communication at all levels is the fundamental key to the successful conclusion of any real estate transaction.” The ever eloquent Dr. D-Squared has mastered the gift of multi-way communication whether with banks, mortgage brokers, sellers, buyers, foreclosure mediators, courts, a spouse, and any other party that might come into play, thus ensuring an effortless transaction leading to an incredible record of on time closing!
Rest assured, that the ultra laid back, highly experienced Doctor has faced it all in his decades long career and the customer’s needs are always paramount. Characterized by unparalleled integrity, respect, due diligence, and intense preparation, The Doctor is ready to perform his Magic for you!